Tech Mahindra was attending the MWC in Barcelona. 
They needed a campaign. We created a city.

What it took to build this city
  • 30


    We created a virtual war room for 30 days to be able to deliver the assets required .

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    To launch this city we left no stone unturned. The assets we delivered included teasers, emailers, social media posts, videos, Gifs, live webinars from Barcelona, on ground collaterals.

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    To conquer MWC we put together a team from Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kerala, Nainital and worked with the client team spread across 
New York, Barcelona and Noida.


Simplicity is an embodiment of what Tech Mahindra does. A ‘city’ where everyone comes to simplify life, business and experiences, and to grow and prosper. Once you become a citizen of Simplicity, you never want to leave, because Simplicity evolves as the world does, in technology and innovation. And those who live in this city are always ready for what the future holds. The city is run by Simplifiers - a governing body that solves all problems and keeps things new, efficient and simple for a thriving ecosystem.
“Great show put up by Ravi Vij, Harshvendra Soin, Emmanuel Upputuru, Manoranjan, Mohapatra Rajesh, Chandiramani, Rohit Madhok Dilip, Keshu Rajesh, Dhuddu Nikhil Malhotra Abhilasha, Gupta Nidhi Agarwal, Kunal Purohit and many others.” 
Manish Vyas, President, Tech Mahindra
Emmanuel Upputuru, Ranjan Nautiyal, Gaurav Nautiyal, Puneet Arora, Joyce Shepherd, Pranav Babbar, Aushreen, Joshua Upputuru, Daniel Upputuru with Manish Vyas, 
Abhishek Shankar, Ravi Vij.