Aristotle said man is a social animal. (If he was around now he would have received a million likes for that post.) Modern day social animals need to be fed with daily content, fast, quick and cheap. Here are some meals we enjoyed most.

Like that:
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    Emmanuel Upputuru started his journey when ads used to be measured in columns and centimeters in Newspapers. Now 80% of our work goes on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, 
X, LinkedIn and Whatsapp.

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    Take an image from stock, or create with AI, add the product, make a story out of a it. Give it couple of hours and serve hot.

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    We think of the idea first and see which is the best way to tell the story. Static, Gif, carousel, story, reel, interactive. And keep an eye what on the platform also recommends best for what they call engagement.


At our digital agency, we take social media as seriously as a cat takes catnip - with wide eyes and quick paws! 🐱 We're always on the lookout for trends and moments, ready to pounce and create engaging content faster than you can say "viral." With our witty banter and lightning-fast fingers, we'll have your audience laughing, liking, and sharing in no time. So sit back, relax, and let us bring the LOLs to your social feeds! 😄
Who says people don’t read long copy. Write well and see. 
This campaign was received very well by our client at JJ Tax. (In fact take a second look at all writing.)
Emmanuel Upputuru, Rashmi Ambastha, Ranjan Nautiyal, Joyce Shepherd, Adithyan Shibu, Samuel Choppara, Rahul Rautela, Puneet Arora, Pranav Babbar, Ritesh, Ayaan Madaar, Nishant Chauhan with Aman Pannu, Pashmina Lakhanpal, Mainak Bag, Amitabh Sen, Jambu, Ridhi, Priyanka Dutta, Kavita Matthew, Ravi Vij, Abhishek Shankar