Can you convert moment marketing into a small movement? India and every brand had a meme around India’s Chandrayaan mission. We took a moonshot.

How we tried to inspire people to set and achieve personal goals, reflecting the ambition and technology behind India's space mission.
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    The special edition was limited to exactly 384 units – a nod to the distance between earth and moon – 384,400 kilometers: An LXS Moonshine for every 1 lakh kilometers. 

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    Paying a tribute to the success of Chandrayaan-3, we helped Lectrix EV design and launch a special-edition electric scooter LXS Moonshine. 

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    What makes a campaign integrated? One answer is when you use more than two mediums in your story. We based the campaign on the Lectrix website. Invitations were sent on Instagram. 
All leading with a limited edition EV designed specially for the campaign.


For the launch we created an integrated campaign which invited people to post their aspirations on Instagram – asking people “What’s Your Moon?”. Once a fan writes his or her goal or ambition, the post “takes off” and lands on a virtual moon on the site 
This is not just one more social post which is a part of moment marketing. It is walking the talk to allow customers to celebrate this landmark moment by actually offering a product that people can be proud to own. So, we designed a special look for the LXS Moonshine including a special badge. Riding the LXS Moonshine is like wearing a badge of pride. We want to introduce into the culture “what’s your moon?”, as the new “what’s your goal?” - Each aspiration is a “moon” being chased by the audience. To see these ‘moons’ on the actual picture of the moon on the website is going to be interesting.
GM Marketing of Lectrix EV, Mainak Bag said, “Brands today need to be culturally relevant and current. It’s not enough to just produce great products. That’s how we looked at 23rd August. The India post-23rd August will be a different India, where science and exploration become reasons for self-belief and national pride. This is a momentous occasion. LXS Moonshine is a tangible way for people to remember and cherish this moment.”
Rashmi Ambastha, Emmanuel Upputuru, Pallav Medhi, Samuel Choppara, Joyce Shepherd, Sudhanshu Verma, Coders names with K Vijaya Kumar, Mainak Bag, Amitabh Sen