We virtually brought to life the founder of the iconic 100 year old car brand, MG Motor. Cecil Kimber arrived with a message of warmth and gratitude as his company celebrated its centenary.

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    Newspaper insertions

    The first week of August 2023 was a historic week at EFGH. Every national newspaper carried the iconic message from Cecil Kimber on its front pages. In full page.

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    The story began in the year 1924 in a garage in Oxford, Great Britain. Since then the company has come a long way and was celebrating its 100th anniversary. The brief was to reignite the aura of the MG brand with this campaign.

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    Personalised messages

    With the success of the AI campaign, another one took root. Each person in the MG dealer network was pleasantly surprised on opening their WhatsApp messages to find that the AI version of MG founder, Cecil Kimber, knew their first name and had a warm and personal message for them.


EFGH used cutting-edge AI technology to bring a message from an AI version of the late Cecil Kimber, visionary and founder of the iconic British car brand, MG Motor. As the brand celebrated its 100 year automotive legacy, MG Motor launched its ‘100 Years of Driving Smiles’ campaign, conceptualised by EFGH. Nationwide, full front page and back page press ads appeared in the country’s leading newspaper publications. They contained a QR code that one could scan, which would allow readers to watch an AI video of MG founder, Cecil Kimber, sharing a heartfelt message expressing warmth and gratitude for 100 years of MG customers, and how MG customers’ smiles meant the world to him.
As Afaqs reports, “The campaign was created to celebrate the strong relationship between the brand and its customers. By combining AI with Cecil Kimber's legacy, MG is able to stay ahead of the competition and provide a unique and enjoyable experience for its customers.”
MG Motor liked the idea so much, EFGH created personalised messages from the founder for individual customers, as well as employees of the company. Imagine their surprise when they opened the video, and MG Motor Founder, Cecil Kimber, spoke to them personally, addressing them by their first name. We had found one more way to put a smile on the faces of the MG family, customers and employees alike.
The personalisation of this campaign required a whole new approach that made use of new technology, configuring the AI version of Cecil Kimber to say the names of each customer and employee as they were fed into the software.
Emmanuel Upputuru, Rashmi Ambastha, Joyce Shepherd, Anish Philip, Harish Kumar, Praveen, Joshua Upputuru, Siddharth Parija, Dub Dub, with Rajeev Chaba, Gaurav Gupta, Udit Malhotra, Milind Shah, Nehal Rajguru