It’s the festive season, and frozen foods giant, McCain, wanted to take over India’s freezers. We brought them karishma, or magic, Karisma Kapoor, and some iconic social banter among brands.

So how would lucky McCain buyers get to meet Karisma Kapoor?
Well, it would take a little magic - or karishma!
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    It’s a rare occurrance. When you have two festivals being celebrated by the people of the same nation. Diwali and World Cup cricket in 2022. As India prepared for both, we were ready with Karishma. A single campaign that so easily fitted both the narratives.

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    Daily POSTS

    A social media handle is like all of us - it gets hungrier during festivals. We were ready with videos, reels, carousels, Gifs, and stories - we served 30 posts in as many days.

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    To pull this campaign off we got a team that included 
writers, art directors, an editor, an animator, a producer, a photographer and a project manager.


EFGH created a festive season campaign for frozen food brand, McCain, that would take social media and refrigerator freezers across India by storm. The goal was for McCain to take over the freezer and become an indispensable part of the assorted snacks rustled up to cater to the constant influx of family and friends during the festive season.
The campaign was launched with a new TVC highlighting that having McCain in your freezers not only lets you create a ‘Karishma’, or magic, in your homes, but also gets you a chance to meet Karisma Kapoor - #FreezerMeinMcCainGharMeinKarishma. 
A fun promo contest was kicked off. People would shoot pictures of McCain in their freezers, and upload them to their social media with the hashtag #FreezerMeinMcCain.
The campaign was further amplified through a 360° integration on digital & social media, OTT, influencer collaborations and on-ground activations. The best part was, as the campaign took off, a whopping 14 brands joined in to engage in social banter with McCain.
AdGully reported, “Conceptualised in partnership with EFGH Brand Innovations, the brand created a fictional fan Mrs. Shukla and helped her host the perfect party for Bollywood star Karisma Kapoor. The banter was initiated with a quirky Instagram post asking Brands to join in to help Mrs. Shukla in other departments to make her party a hit for Karisma. Multiple brands were quick to join in on the ‘party’ offering burger buns to coffee to sweets and even makeovers!. The banter was concluded with a heart-warming Thank You post by McCain Foods India to all the participating brands for helping Mrs. Shukla create a ‘Karishma’ for Karisma.”
As cricket season came around, EFGH knew what to do right off the bat. Using the Ghar Mein Karishma footage which had already been shot, the agency created multiple new creative assets for an entirely new cricket-based campaign.
Emmanuel Upputuru, Adithyan Shibhu, Ranjan Nautiyal, Rahul Rautela, Samuel Choppara, Lavanya Kapoor, Aushreen, Nishant Chauhan, Ritesh Desai with Swati Jain, Sumati Kapur