In a cluttered EV scooter market, how can a new entrant avoid the traffic jam and make a path for itself?

A few electrifying numbers.
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    The EV road is full of many players. 
From the legacy big two-wheelers brands, to tech companies, to those who make batteries

  • 500cr


    Lectrix EV is the e-mobility arm of SAR Group and was launched in 2020. With a keen focus on technology and innovation, the company aims to disrupt the electric scooter segment with technologically advanced products provided at affordable prices.

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    360 DEGREES

    Limited budget doesn’t mean we do less. It means you make sure every asset we create travels the distance. To launch their flagship scooter, we created digital films, posters, standees, activations booths, collaterals for mead and dealer launch emailers social posts.


K Vijaya Kumar, MD & CEO of Lectrix EV stated, “The LXS G is for the young Indians who don't need their dad's connections to succeed. Lectrix is not doing EV merely because we can do it well, but because great quality, affordable and connected mobility of the future is what young Indian Gen Z need for them to go forward. Because easy, affordable and clean personal mobility is the key to unlocking progress. We want to make it easy and risk free for the Gen Z to shift to electric mobility.”
We studied the competitive landscape of EV scooter photography - and we found a new angle. Literally. We shot a new stance and angle to make the Lectrix EV scooter look more stylish, glamourous and larger than life.
Before we start work on any brief, we like to check out the product, the competition, the consumer. And where it’s possible, we check it out ourselves. Here you can see Emmanuel Upputuru and Mainak Bag on a visit to the market at Karol Bagh - it is the biggest scooter market in North India. While the market visits were a huge learning experience, as we compared features and dealerships, and chatted with potential customers, we have to say, the test rides were a lot of fun.
Emmanuel Upputuru, Rashmi Ambastha, Joyce Shepherd, Pallav Medhi, Samuel Choppara, Joshua Upputuru with K Vijaya Kumar, Mainak Bag, Amitabh Sen, Pooja