A typical creative agency delivers almost every output in two formats: JPEG and MPEG. At EFGH we don’t limit ourselves. For our client DCM Shriram Sugar, we took bagasse, a sugar cane waste product, and created the perfect mementos in collaboration with Dr. Binesh Desai - for their 25th anniversary.

What did we bring to the table?
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    To make 100 pieces of pen stands we needed 10 kg of bagasse 
(sugarcane waste) transported from the DCM Shriram Sugar factory in Ajbapur, Uttar Pradesh, to Valsad, Gujarat.

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    To celebrate the 25 year history of a company which has always believed in a zero waste policy, and whose roots are in sugar production, we made gifts from the waste which comes from crushing cane - bagasse.

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    After receiving the pen stands from Valsad we worked with a partner in Delhi to make sure the gifts were packed in a beautifully designed box.


DCM Shriram Sugar Private Limited had arrived at its silver jubilee, and, as with all important celebrations, there would be gifts. They turned to EFGH for ideas. As a creative agency, we wanted to create something that was relevant to the company, and would reflect something of their products and ethos. EFGH went deep into the nuances of sugar production, with the help of research and our very knowledgable client, Aman Pannu, Head- Corporate Communications & CSR. Bagasse caught our attention - it is the leftover pulp and fibre of sugarcane after it has been crushed.
Where there is waste, there is Dr. Binesh Desai - India’s biggest name in waste management. Emmanuel had collaborated with Dr. Desai in Cheil, on the award winning ‘Novel Bed’ - a hospital bed made out of disposable face masks during the Covid pandemic. Dr. Binesh Desai assured us that, indeed, bagasse could be used to create some interesting gifts for DCM Shriram.
It was a demonstration of how EFGH works as an agency - think of ideas and get the best in the business to bring them to life. In this case, sturdy and attractive pen stands made from DCM Shriram’s own crushed sugarcane. In using bagasse to create these special items, the gift also turned out to be a reflection of the client’s own environment friendly practices, and its effective zero waste policy. The pen-stand was not just a useful item but also a perfect reminder of what the company is bringing to the table when it comes to the environment.



Emmanuel Upputuru, Binesh Desai and the women at IDA, Adithyan Shibhu, 
Samuel Choppara with Aman Pannu and Pashmina Lakhanpal