Two young men have a big dream for their business. We gave them a blockbuster.

A Bollywood star. Sexy blankets. 
No wonder the commercial was hot.
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    A hot sun in Mumbai. A hot star inside the studio. Lights, camera, action - the dream is about to come alive for the businessmen from Panipat.

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    The script is simple - blankets so beautiful, they are worn as haute couture. Allysa blankets are worn by a series of models led by Vaani Kapoor as they strut down the catwalk.

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    When you have a celebrity in the studio you keep your eyes on the clock and maximise every second. We managed to create 3 films and a still shoot for use in social media throughout the year.

For the first time, blankets entered the world of glamour and fashion as haute couture. A product that is normally seen as purely functional during colder seasons, was designed to be luxurious and fashionable enough to flaunt on the catwalk. The Ludhiana based company wanted to showcase the beautiful designs and premium quality of their blankets. So what better way to show them off than with their brand ambassador, the glamourous Bollywood actress, Vaani Kapoor, leading models down the catwalk wearing the luxurious and beautiful Allysa blankets in a commercial that had all the flair and glitz of a Paris fashion week.
Shiven Surendranath (the one on the left in the shady picture above), Emmanuel Upputuru, Sameer Parekh with Mayur Narang, Akhil Narang